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Featuring a backlit, bright blue LCD display - our power supply tester can verify that every part of your power supply is operational including the P8 motherboard connector as well as the PCI-E 8-Pin! It gives voltage read-outs and beeps if there is a problem. It even works with 20-pin power supplies (though it will complain about missing second 12 volt rail). This is a must have for systems builders and enthusiasts alike!

This latest Revision comes with an ON/OFF button so overheating the unit is virtually impossible! It also tests 8-Pin motherboard connections as well as 8-Pin PCI-E cables!

Below is a step by step walk thru on how to test for full functionality!


  • Plug-in your ATX power 24 pin and plug-in (P4/P6/P8) into the tester.
  • Turn on your ATX power supply
  • LCD shows each voltage and P.G. value on the screen automatic and you can hear 2 beep sounds.
  • ATX power output connector checking one by one.
  • If power output is working, the LED will light on.
  • If power output failed, the LED will not light on.
  • Plug-in (HDD/Floppy) connector and check LED light (+12V1/+5V)
  • Plug-in SATA connector and check LED light (+12V1/+5V+3.3V)
  • Remove the connector after your checking
  • Do not plug-in 2 connectors into the tester at the same time(Not include 24 pin connector)
  • Abnormal voltage detected will not display on the screen.
  • No voltage detect, “LL” will display on the screen.
  • When detected Voltage is lower than Min. Value, “LL” will display on the screen.
  • When detected Voltage is higher than Max. Value, “HH” will display on the screen.
  • When detected voltage is lower than table value (A), will alarm.
  • When detected voltage is higher than table value (B), will alarm.
  • P.G. value detected lower 100ms or higher 900ms, P.G. value is abnormal and alarm.
  • When abnormal happened, it will alarm and relative digit blink on the screen.

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