Targus 10 - 11.6in TANC 3.0 Carry Bag with Accessory Pocket

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Targus TANC Protection System

By absorbing shocks, bumps and drops, the TANC doesn't prevent just laptop screen and other damages, it minimises the need for laptop repair. Featuring a functional accessory pocket large enough to fit most laptop accessories, and a clever laptop ejection system, this case has everything you need to transport your laptop.

The key is in the layering of our Australian designed & engineered protection system. Specially engineered layers line the laptop compartment to protect the notebook from front, back, and vertical impact. These layers PROTECT against penetration with the honeycomb shell and ABSORB shock with a combination of foam so that the laptop does not take the force of an impact.

This protection gives confidence to the user that the laptop won’t be damaged if it should fall from a desktop or be leaned on (up to 40kg). Also, rigorous independent test** show that the case is capable of taking a fully distributed load of 120kg without damaging the laptop inside.

  1. Protects against wear and tear
  2. Protects against penetration
  3. Absorbs drop impacts
  4. Holds and cushions laptop
  5. For laptop scratch resistence

T.A.N.C.™ can take up to 490% more compression compared to a competitor armour case. This equates to 10 vs 50kg respectively. A compression rig is used to log the force and displacement of the case under an applied evenly distributed load.


T.A.N.C.™ 130% Stronger than a competitor armour case when dropped on different angles. A four-sided drop test measures the g-force (a force resulting from acceleration - for example gravity) that is experienced by the laptop when it is dropped from four different angles: Screen, Side, Back, Corner. The lower the g-force experienced by the laptop, the less chance of damage to the laptop.

Additional Information

Max Laptop Size 11"
Suitable For Laptop
Manufacturer Targus
Manufacturer Website No

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