Edimax WS-2002P Wireless PIR Motion Sensor, Requires IC-5170SC - Home Automation

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Accurate Automatic Motion Detection

The WS-2002P Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensor is a smart motion sensor that accurately detects motion via infrared radiation caused by temperature changes - such as when a person or animal passes by the sensor. With the sensor’s 3 meter detection range, you can protect your house and environment and receive motion-alert push notifications and video footage, to see exactly what the sensor detected. The accuracy of a PIR avoids false alerts from movement such as shadows, street lights or branches swaying in the breeze.

Works over Wi-Fi & 2.4GHz RF

Edimax smart sensors are universally compatible with your existing Wi-Fi network. They work over 2.4GHz RF technology which provides proven, stable and secure wireless data transmission.

Low Battery Alerts

Edimax smart sensors are powered by AAA batteries which are easy to replace. The sensor’s low-power design enables long battery life with daily use. When battery levels are low, you’ll be informed by the EdiLife mobile app in plenty of time to get replacements.



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