Kensington SD3500V USB3.0 Docking Station, Dual Monitor Supt, HDMI, DVI, GbEthernet

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Ultrabooks and other super slim laptop computers like the Apple MacBook deliver sleek good looks. However, they usually come up short on ports for connectivity.As a result, you're constantly plugging and unplugging peripherals to connect to the devices you need. Thats where the Kensington USB 3.0 Dual Docking Station comes in.

It turns one USB port into six so that with one hot swappable USB connection you'll have access to all of your peripherals, including printer, external drive, scanner, keyboard mouse, audio 2.0 speakers and even two 1080HD video monitors. Nothing can boost productivity like a second monitor, and the Kensington USB 3.0 Dual Docking Station makes adding two big beautiful HD monitors as easy as connecting a single USB plug.

Whats more, the Docks USB 3.0 ports allow super-speed data transfer of up to 5 Gbps and are backward compatible with USB 2.0. The USB 3.0 Dual Docking Station gives you a big productivity boost without taking up a lot of desktop space or sacrificing aesthetics. It features a slim design that complements todays Ultrabooks perfectly.Theres even a security slot to lock it down with your Kensington lock.

Turn your MacBook, MacBook Air or other super slim laptop into a productivity machine with the Kensington USB 3.0 Dual Docking Station.

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