Have you noticed that your PC is not as quick as it used to be? Over time, your computer may slow down due to corruption from viruses and malware, digital clutter, missing or corrupted registry files, and fragmentation from everyday use. Speed it back up again by bringing it into Stardot for a spring clean!  

Spring Clean Task List

We will perform the following tasks in our Spring Clean:

  • Initial boot to confirm computer is fully functional
  • Blow out dust from fans, heatsink, etc. Clean case and screens (laptops and AIO)         
  • Ensure that components are properly installed and reseated.    
  • Check system boot time and startup for performance affecting programs.
  • Check that virtual memory is properly configured
  • Perform malicious software scans, and report moderate to high threats
  • Clean registry errors
  • Run Performance Monitor for 5 minutes, and report any performance bottlenecks


At the completion of the Spring Clean, you will receive a report including information on how your PC responded to the above tasks.


Terms and Conditions

  • Should any additional work be required due to malware (viruses, spyware, etc.) or any other software or hardware problems affecting operation and performance, the customer will be notified prior to proceeding.
  • Any additional work, required or requested, will be charged at our standard workshop rate of $55 per half hour block, on customer approval.
  • While every care is taken to keep your data secure, Stardot Technology assumes no liability for data loss caused by software or hardware failures, Stardot will be able to provide a backup solution if required.
  • Computers not collected within 48 hours will incur a $10 surcharge.
  • The customer authorizes Stardot Technology to securely dispose of any systems not collected after 30 days.