Printing Photos At Home

Have you tried printing your own photos at home before and not been able to get the result you want ? 
This week we will talk about what you can do to get near photo centre quality prints using your home inkjet printer.


What Kind Of Printer Do I Need?

Most everyday home inkjet printers are capable of printing quite high-quality photos with a little help from some settings and good quality paper.
So there is no need to run out and purchase a dedicated photo printer just to print of few of your family's happy snaps.


Stardot's Top Tip When Purchasing A Printer.

When purchasing your inkjet printer, cheaper is not always better.You can pick up an inkjet printer for around $20-$30 in most places but be aware that these printers will cost more to run and won't be as economical as something worth a little more. Spending more, in the beginning, will save you a lot more in the long run on consumables. 


Top Tips For Getting The Best Photo Results. 

  • Consider how you want to display your photos and choose the appropriate paper for this. If you are planning on hanging the photo in a frame then use high-quality Matte paper, if you're planning on hanging the photo on the fridge then you could choose a less expensive paper.


  • Use your printer's settings correctly. All Printers have a settings area where you can choose the quality of the print, the paper type, and size and some even have a few more options.


  • ALWAYS choose the correct paper type for your print. Matte or Lustre photo paper will absorb ink quicker than High Gloss photo paper would so if you were to print on high gloss paper while the printer is set to Matte then you could end up with a smudged mess.


  • Everyone has different tastes, how you prefer your photos to look may not be how someone else does, so always test out a few different paper options and printer settings to find what suits you and your images best.


  • Give your photos time to dry after printing. Inkjet printers use multiple layers to achieve the correct colour combinations for your photos so make sure you allow enough time for the photos to dry completely before trying to frame or use them.


 Let's Talk About Paper

What paper do I need to print my own photos? This can be quite confusing so we've explained the most popular 3 types of photo paper.
  • High Gloss - High Gloss paper is exactly as the title says, extremely glossy. This is perfect for both family portraits and landscape shots. It produces vibrant colours and a reflective surface, but may stick to the glass when framed and will be very susceptible to smudges and fingerprints when being handled.


  • Matte - Matte paper is generally a professional photographer's first choice for printing because it has a non-glare textured surface, is harder wearing so fingerprints and smudges don't show and is scratch resistant. It will provide a lower contrast print but is much more suitable for framing as it won't stick to the glass like glossy paper will.


  • Lustre - Lustre is pretty much the middle man between High Gloss and Matte paper. It provides a slight gloss with a pearl-like texture similar to Matte but a higher contrast. Fingerprints won't be visible and it combines the best qualities of High Gloss and Matte together for a beautifully textured sheen finish.

When it comes to printing your images there are so many choices nowadays - Iron On Transfers, Sticker Sheets, Magnetic Paper, you can even print your own edible cake toppers using specialised edible ink and paper!! All you need is a printer and an imagination and who knows what you can come up with! 


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