PC Problems? Slow to Start? Overheating?

 Spring Clean Your PC Offer

If you're working faster than your PC, it's probably time for a clean-up.


There's nothing more frustrating than a sluggish computer! Over time, your computer will suffer performance degradation for a variety of reasons.

Viruses and malware, digital clutter, missing or corrupted registry files, and file fragmentation from everyday use. 

Fans and filters will also slowly become clogged with everyday dust; dog, cat and human hair; and all sorts of nasties.

Not only is this a bit gross, it can result in your computer running HOTTER than it should, or even failing due to OVERHEATING.



Treat your computer or notebook to a $39 Stardot Spring Clean!


For the month of May we will be providing a Spring Clean service for the special price of $39! 


Take advantage of this special offer and help to bring your PC back to its optimal performance!


Spring Clean Your PC Offer - Clean Me

 This service includes:

  • A complete internal clean, debris removal from fans,
    heatsink, case and screen cleaning (laptops).

  • Ensuring that all components are properly mounted and seated.

  • Checking that virtual memory is properly configured.

  • Cleaning registry errors.

  • Performing malicious software scans, and report moderate to high threats.


We will also provide you with a comprehensive written report outlining your PC’s general state of health, and any necessary maintenance required outside the scope of the Spring Clean.

Dont miss out on this special offer book today by calling 07 3917 7200, email sales@stardot.com.au or feel free to simply walk in to our showroom.