Ransomware Alert

"WannaCry” ransomware: Some useful ways to protect your systems

The “WannaCry" ransomware attack that hit the globe last weekend, infecting thousands of computers and locking down users’ files. It has now been revealed 12 Australian small businesses had been hit with the ransomware attack as of this week, and more are expected to emerge. 

Is your business completing regular backups of your data and installing the latest security patches?

Here are some simple ways you can protect your business:

Update all your systems immediately

Users of Windows 10 are not vulnerable to the exploit, but older systems, such as Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, can be affected. Mac or Linux-based system have not been hit so far.

Backup your filesKeep your system safe

Ransomware works by encrypting your data and demanding payment for the release of this, eventually threatening deletion if the ransom is not paid by a certain time. Backup frequently, by doing so you can turn a ransomware attack from a big issue into a minor annoyance.

Educate yourself and your staff

To date no Stardot Technology clients have been affected, however if you have any concerns about your data security feel free to phone Stardot Technology today on 07 3917 7200 or visit our handy showroom, and chat to one of our helpful Tech's to discuss how we can help.