Tecxus AAA NiMH Rechargeable 4 pack

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Micro/AAA 4Pk


"Ready to Use" NiMH rechargeable batteries – the revolutionary technology: This rechargeable battery comes pre-charged and can be used right out of the package like any alkaline cell. With tecxus "Ready to Use" rechargeable batteries you can take up to four times more photos than with traditional alkaline cells. Self-discharge, a major issue with regular rechargeable batteries, is significantly lower than for ordinary rechargeable batteries: After 6 month the batteries retain up to 90% of it's precharged capacity, still offering 80% of its precharged capacity after a storage time of 12 months. This means an operational readiness for more than 365 days. The cells are quick charge capable and operate within a temperature range from - 20°C to + 50°C.

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